Why I love ThoughtWorks

Reason 1: The beautiful interview process!

Well, they say the first impression is the best impression. And in our world, interviews are the first glimpse into a new company. While most of the QA interviews I have attended ask about Selenium methods or Java code snippets to be solved, no such thing happened here. I was asked to think along with the interviewer, to come up with a solution for the problem presented. I was kind of waiting to be asked a “proper” interview question (LOL) at some point during the process. Questions like why I couldn’t take my team’s devs’ help to test if required, baffled me that day, coming from a very non-agile environment. Today, its the way of life at office :)

The interview process was smooth, from high level understanding of what I knew to picking my brain to do more with it. And the unique P3(former 3 pillars of ThoughtWorks) round surprised me. I was never asked for my views on socio-economic issues ever before. Here I was and for a good reason. Every discussion started with the interviewer introducing himself/herself in a polite manner. The recruiter communicating with me was very thoughtful and considerate, asking if I needed any breaks or snacks or just water multiple times. It really reflects on the courtesy that’s imbibed in people here.

One of the rounds was scheduled on a Friday evening and as I step out of an hour long discussion , giving my brain a real work out, I hear some lovely guitar being played in the office. Friday evenings there seemed nice :)



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