Why I love ThoughtWorks

Reason 3: Kids are welcome!

Work-Life balance is something we all want to master. People need to analyse, think and plan on multiple things to strike this balance. Especially people with kids need to cater to their little one’s needs along with a thriving career.

I have seen a lot of offices have a day care or creche , even few of the TW offices have one. But what I love here is you can actually get your kids to your work area if they have a day off or need to be with you. Its so lovely to see these colourful kids on the floor apart from us boring adults! They absolutely love playing with the stickies, markers, boards and so many games we have lying around our tables. Few start using the boards to draw something , few silently read a book and few just take their parents phone and play with it. Most of the kids I have seen are so well behaved around office however naughty they are in general . probably they understand its their parent’s work place and respect it too.

The best part about all of this is the parents need not worry about having to find a day care for a day or ask someone to baby sit their kids. They can get them along , still finish their work for the day and in the meantime, bring a smile to everyone on the floor :)



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