Why I love ThoughtWorks

Reason 2:The Pride we take in supporting!

How many times have you crossed a traffic signal or a road toll where a transgender is asking everyone for money? What has been your thought honestly? Nuisance, ignorance or humanity? Frankly , mine was somewhere between ignorance and humanity. But the thought span of many are beyond these.

I knew the term LGBT, I knew there were some additions to it too. But hadn’t bothered to know more. ThoughtWorks introduced me to a world where everyone can co-exist in true sense. In one of my first rendezvous with the likes of these, I was given a detailed explanation of each term of LGBTQIA+ in a sensitisation session. A session solely aimed at bringing awareness about the community, understanding them better and being a better human towards them.

Pride month is celebrated with a lot of pride here :) There are events, contests, awareness sessions and what not. I see a lot of people actively participating in pride marches and other social events and the same are happily shared across offices and appreciated. I have heard stories of people belonging to the community and their journey in ThoughtWorks and it is so moving. The Circle of Trust sessions lets me get up close and personal with them and understand them better. What amazes me the most is , not only everything is thought of and acted upon at an organisation level without thinking of any profit, people here also happily participate in all such events.

In one of the recent office level TownHalls, every one from the leadership team had a beautiful pride background in the zoom call. Its a simple gesture but I’m sure that meant a lot to many.



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